You Can Heal Naturally Online Seminar: Healthy Heart Edition

You Can Heal Naturally Online Seminar: Healthy Heart Edition


I invite you to sign up for the You Can Heal naturally Online Seminar where I teach you the principles of natural and holistic way of healing.

Learn also from Dr. Paolo Tongson the diseases related to our  cardiovascular system and the basics on how to take care of your heart.

8 Part video

Training hours: 4 hrs

Get a pdf copy of the workbook, novena and powerpoint presentation.

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Health is wealth.

When you take care of your health, you take care of your wealth more.

People are getting richer and yet people are also getting sicker.

When there is preservation of life, it ensures the continuation of livelihood.

And not just for the sake of livelihood, but most of all to experience the fullness of life itself. Sometimes we get so busy in making a living that we forget to live.

Why should you sign up for the YOU CAN HEAL NATURALLY ONLINE SEMINAR:

  1. Learn how we could take care of our health the natural and holistic way. We live in an advanced age of medicine and technology but yet our society is sicker than ever. There are more cancers, hypertension, and diabetes now than ever. There are more people with anxiety and depression than before. Headaches, back pains, and respiratory infections take more people off from work. We have tons of medicines, treatments, and methods, but yet people are still dying. There has been another way, we just forgot about it. We made our healing too complicated. I believe that simpler is better. The natural and holistic way of healing has been around for thousands of years throughout the generations.
  2. Unlearn the wrong beliefs we have about health. This is the hardest thing to do because we have been programmed to think in a fragmented and combative way to treat sickness. But sickness needs to be understood and listened to. Get to the root causes of illness because when you change the roots, you change the fruits. Relearn what really makes us sick and what really makes us healthy.
  3. Learn practical ways on improving your sleep, nutrition, stress management, and how to have more energy and vitality. Discover the daily health tips you could apply immediately to have a healthier and happier lifestyle. You will have direct action points to take after the seminar and you’ll restart again your healing journey.
  4. Be health empowered and share this experience to others. You become a channel of learning and healing as you bring this unique experience to your family, company and community. What you learn here is not just for you, but for the people around you.

Who will benefit from this YOU CAN HEAL NATURALLY SEMINAR?

  • Anyone who is sick and can’t seem to get better despite all efforts to recover.
  • Those who are tired of taking too much medical treatment and would like to explore another approach to healing.
  • Those who want to improve their health more and to prevent illness and disease.
  • People who would like to learn how to bring this natural and holistic way to their family, company, and community.
  • Health care professionals who would like to learn more about this natural and holistic way.


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